BUYER'S PICK: My Kids Book Obsessions This Winter

I wanted to pick one stellar kids book to write about today, but I just couldn't decide. There are three books currently rocking my children's lit world--and the common denominator seems to be... "dissatisfaction?" I'm not so sure what this says about me, but my soul connects with the protagonists of each of these absolutely lovely picture books. Lessons geared toward our children can be just as important to remind ourselves of as adults.  Be present. Be content. Be Nice. 

  • Tek: The Modern Cave Boy by Patrick McDonnell

Poor little Tek, he just loooves his tablet. He never sees his friends anymore, never sees his family. "Outside the world was evolving," the story bemoans, "but Tek couldn't have cared less." But one day, everything changes. Tek is forced to disconnect. And what does he find? That the world, is in fact, worth appreciating. "He looked around and discovered a dragonfly, a tiger lily, a ginkgo tree, a hairy elephant, the hairy people, and an awesome Awesomesaurus." 

This fuzzy little grump could be any kid these days; it's so easy to get plugged in and hooked. Patrick McDonnell, who just happens to be one of my favorite kids books authors, is spot on here-- don't forget to experience the world around you! Each page is an adorable Mutts-like take on the classic cave man, and the book itself is shaped like a tablet, complete with home screen button and text emojis. 


  • Penguin Problems by Jory John & Lane Smith

Oh BOY do penguins have problems. "It's too cold... the ocean smells too salty today... everybody looks the same as me... I look the same as everybody else." Our penguin narrator woke up on the wrong side of the iceberg and refuses to see the world in any other light. Why should he? It's too dang bright.  But one day a walrus shows up, as they do, always thinking the glass is half full. "Have you gazed upon the blue of that cloudless, winter sky, my friend? Have you felt the sun as it gently warms your back?" It's all about perspective. We might find a thousand things to complain about, but take a step back and we'll see the world for its better side. At least for a moment. And that's a step in the right direction.


It is tough to be misunderstood, and nobody knows this better than the Kraken. He just wants a little social interaction. But yet fish swim away in terror. "Why?!" he cries out to the salty depths above. The solution comes from an unlikely source: the fearsome Great White knows how to make friends, it's as easy as one, two , three (...and four, five, six).

1. Keep your cool. 2. Smile! 3. Hugs, not slugs! 4. Share! 5. Lend a helping fin. 6. Be yourself!

The truth is some people have a hard time making friends--kids and adults alike. But the simplest answer is the easiest: be a nice person and stay true to yourself. You may not conquer the world, but gosh darn it, you'll have at least one good friend.  



Each of these supremely awesome kids books are avaialbe in the shop or online. I know they will be come your new obsession too    --Kimberly