San Diego Makers We Love: Wild Habit

We are so pleased to showcase one of our favorite local jewelry vendors, Wild Habit. Danielle and Sue are wanderers, collectors and makers with a passion for nature and all things "wild." Their jewelry is a stunning mix of natural stones, gold, feathers, greenery and even porcupine quills. We have a curated selection available in our shop and more pieces available in store. We're proud to support San Diego artisans like Wild Habit. Read below to find out more about these ladies, their inspiration, and, of course, what they're reading!

We create and design handmade home goods, installations, and jewelry from natural and found materials. We forage in nature to create beautiful, wild wares to bring the outside in. We collaborate and create handmade products and installations from our found, natural materials. Staying true to natural beauty and to our craft, we are impulsive in gathering (picking up anything we find interesting) and deliberate in our execution (finding the best way to show of the inherent beauty of the material). We illuminate birch bark, carve bones, wear feathers and stones. Our WILD HABIT keeps us exploring & creating - from our back woods to the beach to the mountains and world-wild. Making beauty from nature is what do and what we love - from jewelry to lighting, wall art to table art.

Tell us about the inspiration for your pieces.

There is no place we'd rather be than outside, enjoying the shapes, patterns, colors of nature and that is where our process starts. We explore and forage to find objects that inspire us and bring them into our studio to start creating. Sometimes a fallen log or dried out cactus will sit on a shelf for months until we find inspiration for its next life - a way to really show of its beauty. We want to bring that beauty of the earth into every heart and home, with the hope that by sharing the thoughtfulness of handmade goods, inspired by the earth, people will appreciate, conserve, and respect the land around us.

What does a typical work day look like?

The best days are the exploring days and the making days but not all days get to be that inspired. As a small business we do everything from sending invoices to wiring electrical sockets, so we try to reward each menial task with a fun making task (designing a new piece, visiting a new stockist). We usually chat in the morning about our goals (sometimes while walking our dogs), get some of the administrative tasks out of the way, and then we put on our jumpsuits and head to the studio to start making. From painting antlers, to cleaning birch bark, to designing jewelry, every day is different, creatively consuming and exciting.

How do you work as a team?

We went to Antarctica together 12 years ago and have been planning how to capture that magic and make something of it since. Our love for the outdoors, our complimentary creative vision, and all Earth's natural treasures brought us together. And now we get to work together to share the things we find most beautiful. Usually one of us will get excited about a certain piece and then we start to play and see what we can make from it. We go back and forth with revisions and alterations until we make something we love so much we don’t want to see it go! It is such a fulfilling collaboration and our friendship grown so much since we started our partnership. We feed off each other’s ideas, energy, and creativity with every project.

Favorite spots in San Diego to play hooky?

We are learning that our work can easily and quickly consume our lives, so we need to be sure we take time to do things that inspired us to start WILD HABIT. Playing hooky is actually essential to keeping us creative! We make an effort to get outside and play most Fridays. We love going to the Del Mar Dog Beach, Mount Laguna to get a snow fix, music at Pappy & Harriets, and camping in Joshua Tree. While it could be considered playing hooky, we usually end up with pockets full of natural treasures and talking about what we can make with them. Luckily, we love what we do so it never feels too much like work!

We often have meetings at the San Diego Botanic Gardens. When working downtown, we love the San Diego Library rooftop, admiring the design in the East Village and eating oysters at Ironside or grabbing fancy coffee at Holsem.

What are you currently reading?

The Power of Habit, Breaking Wild, My Family and Other Animals, and always Mary Oliver everything.

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