Entry Form 2019 Matchbook Story Contest


Entry Form 2019 Matchbook Story Contest


Entry form and fee for the Matchbook Short Story Contest. Once added to your shopping cart, complete your submission by paying the entry fee at check out.

Writers can submit multiple entries by completing the following steps:

1 - Click "Enter Matchbook Story Contest" and fill out contest pop-up form with your contact information and story. Click “Enter Matchbook Story Contest” again to add your story to your shopping cart.

To write more than one story, repeat step 1 up to 5 times. Alternatively, you can choose the number of stories you’d like to submit by changing story quantity below and then clicking “Enter Matchbook Story Contest”.

2 - Once you are done entering your stories. click the blue shopping cart button in the upper right corner of The Library Shop website.

3 - Pay for your story entries and complete the shopping cart transaction to submit your story and enter the Matchbook Story Contest.

All stories must fit on the inside of a standard matchbook cover 1-5/16" x 1-4/16"

Questions? Email: libraryshop@supportmylibrary.org  Phone: 619.236.5802

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